Sales Agency


h2agentur is the representation of Plug Power (former Giner ELX) in Germany and Denmark exclusively to PEM electrolysis. Additionally we support Plug Power in other European countries as applicable.

Since 1973 Plug Power / Giner has been researching and developing technologies for electrochemistry focussing on PEM technology. A proprietary processing of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) was developed, which is the heart of the stacks and manufactured in-house. The outstanding performance of the stacks has been confirmed several times by independent comparative tests conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as well as by awards from the Department of Energy (DoE). Drivers of various developments were special requirements for US institutions. Through them, Plug Power / Giner has accumulated unique knowledge over the years - especially under extreme conditions such as in space and underwater. More than 25,000 units sold and over 200 patents document Plug Power / Giner's special competencies. Their compact PEM stacks are among the most efficient, powerful and reliable in their class.

For the commercialization of the products, Giner ELX was spun off in 2017 as a specialized subsidiary for the production and distribution of PEM electrolysis. In 2020, Giner ELX was sold to Plug Power Inc. to exploit synergies and enable further growth.