PEM Electrolysis Systems

h2agentur offers turnkey PEM electrolyzer systems from Giner ELX to produce ultrapure hydrogen. The range comprises all sizes from small kW units up to multi MW class. Giner ELX systems are very compact, meet current standards and are completed in Europe. Typically these units include a PEM stack and options for water regeneration, gas treatment, electrical power and control unit. The housing is stable, with air conditioning and require minimal space only. The specific technical configuration for a customer is individually designed according to user and site requirements.

Giner ELX electrolyzers enable fully automatic operation and require minimal service and maintenance.


H2 Production rate: Nm3/h 5 - 400
Power Consumption: kW 25 - 2000
H2 Pressure: bar 1 - 40
O2 Pressure: bar 1 - 40
Media connections:
Input: Electrical power, water, nitrogen, instrumentation air
Output: H2, O2, wastewater
Others: Data interface
Giner ELX
  • Giner ELX electrolyzers operate with differential pressure. Accordingly both sides, hydrogen as well as oxygen, can be perfectly adjusted to their needs. Hydrogen may be stored with high pressure while oxygen can be vented to air without mayor considerations of special instrumentation and safety issues.
  • Giner ELX electrolyzers allow for extreme compact building. Even a 2 MW unit may be installed in a 40 ft container as opposed to alkaline units, which would require considerably more of space.
  • If operation is within the limits specified in the manuals and remote control is facilitated service and maintenance will be limited to a few hours per year. There is no toxic or agressive caustic potash and hazard analysis is much simpler.
  • Due to the specific technology of PEM electrolysis the instant following of fluctuating electrical power from renewable energy is faster: protons penetrate a thin solid MEW quicker than moving through liquid electrolyte. Especially this attitude predestines PEM electrolysis for wind and solar energy applications.
  • Giner´s PEM electrolyzers are able to operate down to appr. 10% of nominal load and thus make effectively use of the biggest range of load.