PEM Electrolysis Systems

h2agentur offers turnkey PEM electrolyzer to produce ultrapure hydrogen. The range comprises all sizes from small units up to multi MW class. All systems are very compact and meet European standards.

Turn key electrolysers typically include a PEM stack, water regeneration, gas treatment, electrical power and control unit. The housing is an easy to install container which require minimal space. Specific technical configurations are individually agreed and designed according to user and site requirements.

Electrolysers enable fully automatic operation and require minimal service and maintenance.


Typical values
H2 Production rate: 5 Nm3/h - 400 Nm3/h*
Power Consumption: 25 kW - 2 MW*
H2 Pressure: 1 bar - 40 bar
Media connections:
Input: Electrical power, water
Output: H2, O2, wastewater
Others: Data interface, evtl. N2

*higher values may be easily achieved due to modular set up

  • Plug Power / Giner PEM electrolysers are able to operate from 100 % of nominal load down to approximately 10% of nominal load and make effectively use of energy supplied.
  • Plug Power / Giner PEM electrolysers instantly follows fluctuations of electrical power from renewable energy.
  • Plug Power / Giner ELX electrolysers operate with differential pressure: hydrogen as well as oxygen can be perfectly adjusted to their individual needs. While hydrogen may be stored at high pressure oxygen can be vented at low pressure.
  • Plug Power / Giner ELX electrolysers allow for extreme compact building: a 2 MW unit can be installed in a 40 ft container.
  • Plug Power / Giner ELX electrolysers require minimal services.