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h2agentur is an independent service provider for green hydrogen technology. We believe that hydrogen is the key to the success of a 100 % Renewable Energy Vision.

About Us

We have developed and distributed hydrogen products such as fuel cells and electrolyzers. We have worked closely with well known institutions and relevant associations. And we have been part of the developments of PEM electrolysis in Germany. For 20 years!

Uwe Küter

Uwe Küter


1997 – 2014:
Managing Director at a developer and manufacturer of electrolysers and fuel cells. Areas of responsibility: sales and marketing, corporate finance and human resources management.
Matthias Bromeis

Matthias Bromeis


1996 – 2015:
Project Manager for special plant construction. Areas of responsibility: project realization at small and medium sized enterprises and at
internationally operating company. Wind energy, safety engineering and hydrogen business.