Sales Agency

Giner Inc.

h2agentur acts as the representation of Giner Inc. in Germany and Denmark exclusively and covers PEM electroysis matters.

Since 1973, Giner has been researching and developing very successfully electrochemical technologies. The focus has been on special applications for US government and state owned institutions. From these applications Giner has accumulated enormous expertise over the years. The highly nominated team around the company’s founder Dr. Jose Giner has proven the reliability of their PEM electrolysis under extreme conditions such as underwater and in space. Since lately Giner has been concentrating on the commercialization of the products especially on the PEM electrolysis stacks. More than 15,000 units sold and more than 200 patents document Giner’s expertise. Their compact stacks are among the most powerful and most effective in their class.

Product range of Giner Inc.

Giner uses only the PEM technology. The heart of the stacks are the membranes and their special electrochemical treatment, for which Giner has developed its own process. Giner manufactures membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and stacks in-house. The special performance of Giner PEM stacks has been confirmed by independent NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

From a small laboratory scale with a few Nm3/h hydrogen production up to industrial processes on a multi MW scale, we can offer today PEM electrolysis stacks for system integration.