PEM Electrolysis Stacks

h2agentur exclusively promotes in Germany and Denmark PEM stacks from Giner Inc., USA. Giner is the oldest company in PEM electrolysis and market leader. The stacks are extremely durable, capable of being operated with differential pressure and very stable even under challenging conditions. They combine high H2 production with high efficiency. The efficiency can be 85 % depending on the operating conditions, one kilogram of hydrogen can be generated by 46 kWh.

G5 Merrimack Allagash Kennebec
H2 Production: 0.03 – 0.5 m3/h 0.4 – 30 m3/h 2 – 210 m3/h ca. 1,000 m3/h
Power Consumption: 0.1 – 3 kW 2 – 160 kW 8 – 1,000 kW ca. 5,000 kW
H2Pressure(max, bar): 20 bar 40 bar 15 bar, 40 bar nn
Operating Temperature: 70° 70° 70° nn
External Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm2 40 x 40 cm2 80 x 80 cm2 nn


G5 Giner PEM Stack

Commercial PEM stack for laboratories and smaller applications.
Typical features are:

H2 Production Rate l/min 0.5 – 10
Power Consumption kW 0.1 – 3
Differential Pressure bar 0 – 20
Diameter cm 15
Active Area cm2 50


Merrimack Giner PEM Stack

Highly efficient PEM stack for commercial applications. Particularly suitable for high current densities and high temperatures, with reaction times less than one second. Typical features are

H2 Production Rate m³/h 0.5 – 30
Power Consumption kW 2 – 160
Differential Pressure bar 0 – 40
Diameter cm 40
Active Area cm2 300


Allagash Giner PEM Stack

Compact PEM stack for industrial applications in the MW range. With adapted design for optimized material utilization. Typical features are:

H2 Production Rate m³/h 2 – 210
Power Consumption kW 8 – 1,000
Differential Pressure bar 15, 40
Foot Print cm2 80 x 80
Active Area cm2 1,250


Kennebec Giner PEM Stack

Compact PEM stack for multi MW applications. Industrial applications in the MW range.

Estimated H2 Production Rate t/d 2
Active Area cm2 3,000

Currently under development.

All stacks are manufactured according to the ASME standard and come with a CE marking. The data mentioned are indicative values only. They are subject to change without notice.